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Legal Consulting in Turkey

Posted by admin on 29 January، 2022

Legal advice

Based on our experience in usul Consulting, we offer you many legal services that include the following:

Health insurances / legal representation / sworn translation service / companies cases / obtaining a Tursab license.

1- Studying and auditing legal contracts:

Among the legal services we provide : studying,auditing and processing of legal contracts between any two parties in accordance to the provisions of Turkish laws and regulations

2 – A comprehensive study of investments from a legal point of view:

In cooperation with a team specialized in legal cases, we offer you comprehensive legal studies for your investments so that they are safe and legal in various respects.

3- Real estate taxes in Turkey:

C – Real estate taxes in Turkey are imposed on everyone who owns a property, except for some cases covered by tax exemption.

Real estate taxes must be paid in two stages as specified.

In case of delaying in paying the real estate tax, a fine of 1.40% will be added to the value of the tax.

4- Real estate legal advice:

We will be with you in the journey of owning real estate in Turkey from the beginning to the last step, where we provide you with all the information related to buying a real estate in Turkey, and then we follow and supervise all the next procedures and steps, all through our specialized staff with deep experience.

5 – Real estate title deed in Turkey:

Real estate title deed in Turkey is a document that is organized for a specific property and its function is to prove someone’s ownership of the aforementioned property, and through it a lot of information and details related to the property are mentioned.

Who is responsible for organizing the title deed of real estate in Turkey? This document is organized in the Directorate of Land Registry, which in turn is affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Cities

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